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We are excited to acquire the special gippsland.au domain and are currently in planning phase to build an online business to service our beautiful region. Stay tuned.

Gippsland Waratah

Gippsland Waratah

Here is the Gippsland Waratah (Telopea oreades) that inspired our new logo. We think it is fitting that Gippsland’s new logo is endemic to Gippsland.

The Gippsland Waratah is found in wet sclerophyll forest and rainforest on rich acidic soils high in organic matter. The crimson flower heads, known as inflorescences, appear in late spring. Each is composed of up to 60 individual flowers.

The name “Waratah” comes from the Eora Nation’s word, ‘warada’ meaning ‘beautiful’ or ‘seen from afar’.

Image from¬†@dsevictoria‘s flickr

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